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SAT Tutoring

SAT tutor

Our tutors are well-versed in the structure and content that is often found on the SAT standardized tests. These tests are used by universities to select students and their eligibility for admission. Many schools require particular overall scores to qualify for particular programs and scholarships at their institutions. We work with students to improve every part of the test-taking process so that they have more opportunities with potential universities when applying.

SAT Concentrations

The SAT is divided into four main sections that are timed for the student. These sections include reading, writing, language studies, math, and an optional essay. The test monitor will time each of the sections according to the handbook standards, so your student must understand not only how to solve the problems on the test, but how to manage their time accordingly. Our approach is not primarily to guarantee perfect scores on every section but to ensure that your student understands the course material and can answer each question with confidence and ease. When they do so, this often leads to higher test results.

Best Practices

Some of the best practices that we work with on our students that are studying for the SAT is to manage their time, take multiple practice tests, and work diligently on the weaker areas that are present on the test. If a student is more inclined to reading and writing but lacks math skills, we will work with them more diligently on math to improve that score. Scoring high on some sections but lower on others will only average a medium score, but scoring high on the stronger sections and well on the weaker ones will average an overall higher score.

Studying Tips

Along with practice tests, we also offer unique studying tips that we have found helpful to our students studying for and taking the SAT. These tips include reading more of the similar essays that are found in the test, annotating them, as well as using time wisely to answer questions you can be sure of first and coming back later to problems you need more time to resolve. We also work on studying tips for students that are weaker in math, as one section of the SAT cannot be done with calculators.

Reading and Writing

Reading and writing are the main components of the SAT, so if these subjects are your weaker areas, we can work with you to improve them. Some of the sections are multiple-choice and creative essay writing, so understanding and mastering the different forms of question answering can be useful as well. We give students feedback on how and when they should guess on answers, leave them blank, or come back to them to make an educated guess through the process of elimination. The test will also test your English language skills as a whole, so grammar, vocabulary, and sentence syntax could be other areas that we focus on as well.