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Tutors Who Care of Wellington, Florida

Special Needs Tutoring

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Has your student ever struggled in the classroom with the course material or felt like they just don't understand the concept like they should? If so, they could require a professional and licensed tutor who specializes in the field in which they're struggling. Professional tutors can offer more detailed feedback on particular concepts that are often taught in the classroom. Tutors try to use various approaches to the same concept that are tailored to the needs of the student. When this is done, however, the student often comes out learning more and understanding the course material much better.

About Us

Tutors Who Care of Wellington operates as the area's premier tutoring service offering a range of tutoring specialties that include special needs tutoring, ACT tutoring, SAT tutoring, math tutoring, reading comprehension tutoring, and home school tutoring. All of our tutoring services are carried out by our professional tutors that are licensed specialists who are dedicated to students, learning, and long-lasting success for all learners!


    Our Services

    Our unique range of professional tutoring services is available to all students as well as all grade levels. We provide a variety of specialized tutoring services to accommodate every student’s needs, whether that be with test prep, special needs tutoring, math tutoring, and even reading comprehension tutoring. Each of our certified tutors is dedicated to the success of your student and aims to emphasize that with each student’s learning potential.

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    Special Needs Tutor

    Within the city of Wellington, Florida, we’re delighted to employ the best tutors and special needs tutors in the area. We have the capacity and the expertise to work with special needs students including those that have ADHD, ADD, are dyslexic, or other learning needs that require special attention.

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    ACT Tutoring

    ACT tutoring is available to students that are looking at taking the standardized test in the near future. Many colleges and universities require that applicants take either the ACT or the SAT and score a particular score to meet their admission standards. We help students not only with studying tips but also with test-taking tips and practice tests so that they know what disciplines are weaker than others and they can improve on them.

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    SAT Tutoring

    SAT tutoring is available to help students prepare for the upcoming standardized test. The SAT test typically focuses more on reading and writing, so our tutors work with your students to make sure that they're competent and able to read the content given in the test and formulate amazing essay answers that are dramatically correct and innovative. SAT tutoring can easily help your student progress and score higher on the test with more practice.

    “My son was struggling with reading and writing and really needed some extra help. I decided to get in contact with Tutors Who Care – Wellington and they were able to get my son for an assessment one-on-one with one of their tutors. Once they assessed him, they were able to determine the best method to improve his reading and writing skills. So far I can definitely see improvement and I’m so proud of all that he has achieved so far!!” – Denise C.

    students in math tutoring session

    “My husband and I thought it would be best to put our dyslexic son in tutoring so that he could have some more time to understand reading comprehension. He gets quite embarrassed when he’s not able to participate in class, but the tutors at Tutors Who Care – Wellington have really brought out a new confidence in him that wasn’t there before. I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work thus far!” – Leah G.

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    “My daughter is studying for the SAT test this year so that she can get into college soon. I thought that test prep tutoring would be helpful for her along the way, and she was so grateful that we hired the tutors from Tutors Who Care – Wellington to help her out. She loves how positive they are and how dedicated they are to her learning!” – Lisa D.

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    Math Tutoring

    Math is often a course that is very difficult for many students. It is also the type of course that continues to become more challenging if the basics are not understood well. We provide math tutoring to students who would like to increase their understanding of different mathematical concepts so that they can progress forward with other areas of study within math. We currently help students in both algebra and geometry, as well as pre-calculus and calculus.

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    Home School Tutoring

    Home school tutoring is available to students that are currently homeschooled. Home school tutoring helps students that are learning at their own pace but are also struggling with some of the course material. Often times, it can be helpful to practice and learn from another individual if the students failing to understand the material when it comes from the parent/teacher. Our home school tutoring wants to integrate your teaching methods while also re-delivering them in a way that is easier to understand and includes practice exercises to follow as well.

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    Reading Comprehension Tutors

    Reading comprehension is another field that many students struggle with regularly. It can be challenging if the student doesn’t enjoy reading or when they’re bored with the course material that they’re asked to read. We try to make reading more enjoyable for your student and work on the best practices of reading comprehension so that they’re able to fully grasp the content, context, theme, and overall message in a written piece.

    Tutoring and Homeschooling for Equestrians

    Tutors Who Care of Wellington understands the educational needs for children and teens in the equestrian community. We fully comprehend that children competing in show jumping competitions as well as dressage competitions have extensive training schedules but we are completely aware that parents do not want them to neglect their academics. Here at Tutors Who Care of Wellington, we provide the most qualified tutoring services, homeschooling programs, and we have highly skilled tutors who are able to work in many areas of expertise especially with students in the equestrian community who have learning challenges. At Tutors Who Care of Wellington, we can also supply teens in the equestrian community with the best SAT and ACT preparation in the Wellington area.
    In addition, the instructors at Tutors Who Care of Wellington are able to adapt to many types of curriculum, so if you are only in the Wellington area for the Winter Equestrian Festival, we will be able to satisfy your educational needs for the complete season. Whether it is just for math or reading comprehension or you need your equestrian child or teen to have a full blown homeschooling program.

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    If you're interested in learning more about our professional tutoring services, then be sure to get in contact with us today to schedule your next tutoring session. You can easily reach the contact number found on our homepage, where a member of our team we'll be able to answer any questions that you may have and get you set up with one of our professional tutors. You can also reach out to us via the contact form on our page to receive more information or a free quote about our tutoring services.