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About Us

tutors with students in class

Does your student struggle with everyday homework, classroom assignments, or particular subjects? If so, they’re likely in need of a tailored tutor who can cater to their individual needs and provide quality feedback for improvement. Tutors can offer general homework assistance as well as more specialized methods for particular subjects that students are struggling in or need more practice with. Tutors offer one-on-one time outside of the classroom and can give students the attention in a subject area they need. Tutors aren’t only needed for students who struggle, however, as they can be useful to those that merely want more practice to master a particular subject.

Tutors Who Care of Wellington is delighted to offer the area’s premier tutoring services to accommodate students of all degrees and levels. Our team of certified tutors has been working with students in all capacities over the years to emphasize their talents and encourage their knowledge in the subject matter. We specialize in language arts and mathematics, helping bring out your student's potential and find a learning method that fits them the most. Our approaches to tutoring and learning are tailored to each student and we help build relationships with them one-on-one to encourage more understanding and welcoming space to ask questions and receive unique attention in return. Whether your student just wants some outside assistance with homework or some customized exercises to improve their learning, we offer all of that – and more – in a fun learning environment!