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Math Tutoring

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Math tutoring services are available to accommodate the students that need a little extra assistance with any discipline in mathematics. Our tutors have many years of experience in tutoring all areas of mathematics including algebra, geometry, and calculus. Along with their expertise in the field, we also follow the latest teaching methods for each discipline so that we can understand the methods used by different teachers for every student and further enhance their understanding with more explanations and exercises using that specific method.

All Math Levels

As the experience math tutors in the area, we are well-versed in all of the areas of math and provide tutoring for all math levels, including algebra, geometry, and calculus. We also offer trigonometry as part of our calculus tutoring, if your student is taking the course separately from calculus. Not only are we here to assist with math homework, but we are also invested in your student to ensure that they fully understand all of the mathematical concepts that they need to in order to further their education and moved to the next level. Since mathematical concept builds on each other, it is important that your student understands all of them from a base level. This is our approach when tutoring your student in any math discipline, is by ensuring that they fully grasp the building blocks of every concept before moving onto the next one.


Algebra is a very extensive umbrella term used for a variety of concepts that fall within it including factoring and fractions, exponents and radicals, equations, inequalities, and systemic order of equations. Much of algebra requires using reading comprehension to solve word problems and other unknown factors. We assist students in both basic algebra, algebra 1, algebra 2, and advanced algebra so that they can move on to geometry once they have mastered the discipline.


When tutoring in geometry we look at the basics and help students understand the theories behind geometry. We work with students on angles, shapes, in other areas that fall into the same discipline. As a prerequisite, students will need to have a basic understanding of algebra to succeed in geometry long term. We can easily work with students on different topics including lines, properties of different angles, interior and exterior angles and triangles, and understanding how different shapes are measured and calculated within the study of geometry.


Calculus is much more complex and requires knowledge of both algebra and geometry in order to solve a variety of problems. Much of calculus comes in the form of word problems, calculating changes, and understanding how to set up and formulate different solutions. Calculus typically includes different concepts such as numerical, graphical, algebraic, and verbal or written problems. We have found that many students who struggle with problems in calculus, such as written problems, may also struggle with reading comprehension and we work in both disciplines to help them further understand the concepts and calculations.