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Special Needs Tutor

Special needs tutor

If you’re looking for a special needs tutor, we have got you covered! We provide special needs tutoring services to students that are diagnosed with special needs, including autism, ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, and other learning needs that require extra attention and specialized care. Our licensed special needs tutors have been working with special needs children for many years and believe in building relationships and tailored approaches to find the most accommodating learning solutions available for each student.

Reading and Writing

Reading and writing can be particularly challenging for some students that struggle to do one or the other, or both. We focus on reading stories that are engaging and can capture the attention of a student that struggles to understand the information on the page. We go through reading slowly and will do exercises to ensure that it has been fully understood. We then integrate writing lessons to follow the reading, later branching those into creative writing skills when developed enough. Together, we can help your student enjoy reading and writing with ease.


For some students, they may have more trouble conveying ideas verbally and in a coherent manner that answers the question and gets their point across. We work with students that have speaking troubles and help them to not only improve the way they speak, but also how they speak, improving vocabulary, and speaking in full sentences. We provide exercises that help build speaking confidence so that special needs students can participate in any classroom activity with their peers and feel comfortable enough to do so.


If your student requires special attention in the areas of math and science, we are more than happy to accommodate such needs. We understand that special needs students often have a more difficult time relating the subject matter in practical terms than actually resolving the problem. What we like to do is use an integrative approach so that they can understand how and why such concepts are important before practicing them further. When students can see the importance of algebra in everyday life, it becomes easier to manage the concepts and absorb them more.


Another discipline that we work with is in science, whether that be biology, anatomy, chemistry, and more. While many science classes require both a textbook and a hands-on approach, we work with students on their textbook skills, so that when it comes to the in-class and experiment approach, they understand what they are doing, why they are doing it and can participate easily with their peers. Within the text and with the course material, we'll go over the details to ensure that the student understands particular concepts and is ready for any quizzes or tests that may arise. We also use visual aids to assist in studying with our special needs students, as many are visual learners that prefer to see the course material in another way than just in textbook writing.