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Reading Comprehension Tutors

reading comprehension tutor

Reading comprehension tends to be one of the more challenging subjects that many students face. We encourage students to actively read at home on their own time and in between classes, annotating when they find words they don't recognize and building their vocabulary along the way. Reading comprehension proves to be difficult for students that don't enjoy the content of a text and lose interest in retaining the details of it that they aren't interested in. We help students not only retain an interest in what they're reading but grab the major details from it to formulate articulate answers to content-related questions.

Reading Comprehension

Difficulties with reading comprehension can be overcome with practice essays and reading samples of writing to better understand the ideas. We give students advice on how to take notes, annotate the work, and how to pull out the important ideas when reading such content that they can refer to later. We assess their reading comprehension abilities with exercises that include short answers, multiple-choice, and short essay writing so that they can transcribe the overall ideas, themes, and context of the written piece.


Writing is a difficult practice for those that feel that they are at a loss for words especially when it comes to elaborating on a subject and even more so when there’s a word limit to meet. We assist students with building up ideas and putting them into an outline that makes it easier to write essays, short stories, and longer papers. Not only that, but we work with students on how to amplify their word usage and insert creative ideas that answer the question being asked, while also arguing their point and integrating an understanding of the course material. Our writing exercises can give your students great practice for when they're challenged to write other important essays, such as an essay for a class, a standardized test that is timed, as well as a college or scholarship essay. Learning to write accordingly can provide the groundwork for many other basic skills as well, like writing emails, book critiques, reviews, and even blogs.


Along with writing skills, we like to heavily focus on grammar and vocabulary building as well. When many students reach a particular grade level, they're expected to submit written book reports and essays, so we want to ensure that they can proofread them for grammatical mistakes and punctuation. We also help older students with citations and essay formatting if they're writing for something more academic or professional.


With enough practice and discipline, we can help your student become a stellar storyteller. Using the right skills with reading comprehension, writing, and proper grammar, your student has the potential to write unique and creative essays, convey a detailed story, and translate complicated subject matter into something more simplistic. We want your student to have the ability to tell a story in all regards, whether that's through essay-writing, test-taking, or through presentations on the subject matter.