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Home School Tutoring

home school tutor

Home school tutoring is available to students that are taught at home and on their schedule. The benefit of home school tutoring is that our tutors can often provide other methods to teach the same course material so that the student has a better understanding of the subject itself. Our home school tutors also work with the parents to ensure that the student stays on track when working with our tutors but also returning home for their regular lessons.

Home School Tutoring

One of the biggest benefits of home school tutoring is that our tutors can offer your student another approach to the same content material. If you as a teacher, find it difficult to lecture on the particular subject matter then you can send your student to us and we will provide further learning assistance. Other times, many people simply want their student to have a full and sound understanding of all of the course content and one of the best ways to do this is to ensure that they understand it when it is being taught by someone else as well.

Pre-K – 12th Grade

As the most professional tutors in the Wellington area, we aim to offer tutoring services for all age groups and grades. Since many homeschooled students are often at a different pace or grade than their fellow peers who are attending an institution, it is important to work with them directly on the content material and with the parent that is teaching them. We offer tutoring services to those that would be considered in a Kindergarten to 12th-grade level. If your student is struggling to pass the necessary testing and move up to the next grade level, we can provide tutoring assistance to ensure that they better understand the course material and can move up when they have fulfilled the requirements.

Homework Assistance

Many homeschooled students also find it helpful to use our tutors for homework assistance. This is because when they are consistently learning with only their parents or teacher from home, it can be challenging to understand any homework or material from a different perspective. Our homework assistance is intended to give your students a more in-depth understanding of the subject matter while also giving them practice and exercises that they can use to better map how they will resolve any similar future problems in the subject. This includes creative writing, grammar, reading comprehension, and mathematical problems.

Test Prep

As professional tutors, we also offer test prep services to those students that are still required to take standardized tests. Every student within the given state is often required to take a standardized test to ensure that their learning levels meet the state standard. This is done to ensure that homeschooled students are not learning at a slower pace than their peers and it keeps all of the students on a similar path. Test prep is also available for another standardized testing that is often required for university and college admissions, such as the SAT and ACT.