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ACT Tutoring

students in ACT tutoring class

Tutors Who Care of Wellington is proud to offer ACT tutoring alongside our SAT tutoring. ACT tests, like the SAT, are standardized tests that are intended to calculate a student's aptitude for college and university admission purposes. Many colleges and universities have ACT scores that would render admission based on their particular standards. We assist students in achieving their best scores possible on the ACT, as it has proven to be the more popular test among higher education institutions.

ACT Practice Tests

As the tutoring experts, we offer ACT practice tests that help students get a better understanding of the test setup and timing with each sub-section. This also gives us an idea of the areas where the student could use improvement and where the student scored higher or lower. The areas with lower scores will be sections that we focus heavily on so that the student cannot only master the section but also make informed and smart decisions when answering questions that they aren't entirely sure of. There are many ACT practice tests available that we have at our disposal for students to use.

Test-taking Tips

Test-taking tips are important for the day of the test and how to answer questions in every capacity. We encourage students to use scrap paper where they can and to remember the formulas for important math concepts ahead of time so that plugging them into a problem is easier and faster. Other tips we work with students on include how to pick apart vocabulary words they may not know and put them back in context to find the right answer. Since both the ACT and SAT also have different scoring methods, sections, and time limits, we’ll work with your student to come up with the best test-taking approach that fits the framework set out by the ACT, so your student can also obtain a higher score in general.

Studying Methods

Each student will have the studying methods that work for them, but we're here to offer more in-depth studying methods that have proven to give students more organization and memory when collecting their thoughts on what to study and remember. Some of our study tips include how to organize an essay response to a question, the process of elimination on multiple-choice questions, and how they can space out the materials to study so they don't overwhelm themselves the night before.

Math & Science Focus

The ACT has a bigger emphasis on math and science disciplines when compared to the SAT, which focuses more on reading and writing. The ACT has particular rules on what type of calculators are permitted for the math and science sections, so be sure to check with your teachers beforehand to ensure that you have the right calculator on hand. Most test monitors will also administer scrap paper so that you can work out problems on your own before filling them into the test section of your notebook.